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Dear Evernote Community,

I am a German Evernote user and I have a serious problem with how Evernote handles Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) in tags. For example, I have an already existing tag "Kuchen" (cake). When I try to add the tag "Küche" (kitchen) to another note, autocomplete always tries to add the tag "Kuchen". Even when I hit "esc" in order to cancel autocomplete, the "u" from the beginning stays and it is not possible to change it to the "ü". Same happens with the other Umlaute and autocomplete.

Does someone experience similar issues and has found a feasible workaround? @Evernote Team: In case you read this, is this already on your list of known bugs?

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Hi.  Have you tried finding the incorrect tag in the left window and renaming it?  If that prompts an incorrect autocomplete,  it sounds like the spell checker on your system is the problem rather than the app.  I'm not a Mac user so someone else will have to comment in more detail...

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thank you for the workaround. That is a quite pragmatic approach to resolve most use cases for the moment. Renaming the tag in the "tags" section worked.

However, there still seems to be a bug, since the system doesn't differentiate between "a" and "ä", "o" and "ö" and "u" and "ü". I am wondering whether there is a similar issue in other languages. I don't have a specific example at the moment, but at least in German there might be cases when all other characters are the same and it is not possible to tag the note by renaming, because the desired tag name would already be assigned.

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Glad it worked.  I'm not enough of a linguist to know whether two words might differ only by the accent on one or more characters,  but I'd guess that would be fairly rare.  Interesting thought though - I'll leave that for the Evernote team to worry about...  :)

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