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I have accidentally altered my panel setup

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I have Evernote_6.8.7.6387, with Win 10 Pro.

Today my EN looks like this:

My "normal" setup till yesterday was:

  • Left Panel:  same as screen shot in the above link.
  • Note List:  In the upper half of the screen, to right of Left Panel.
  • Note Panel:  In the lower half of the screen, below Note List.

I have obviously clicked something accidentally.

I would be grateful for advice on how to restore my normal setup.


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Thanks for the prompt response.

I have a sneaking feeling of deja vu all over again (like Yogi Berra). I'm sure I've been over this ground before. I think my response a couple of years ago was that my "View" menu does not seem to look like other people's View menu (see my screenshot). You can see that "Note Panel" is clicked, and causes it to appear on the right.

If I click every option in my View menu, I don't see any Snippet View, Card View, etc. I would be grateful if you could use the "action-oriented" method of giving instructions (Verb + Object), as in Click this, Type that, Select the other, etc  :)

Thanks again.




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The View menu governs the overall layout of the main Evernote application, i.e., whether particular panels are shown (the 'left' panel, the noe list panel, etc.). The little dropdown at the top-left of the Note List panel (the 'grid icon') governs how the Note List Panel displays the note list: the way notes are shown (Snippet view, List view, etc.) and sorted.

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