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Upgrade to Created Problems

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Hi all,

Happy New Year!

So I'm not happy right now.

All was fine with the Windows desktop version UNTIL I upgraded.


  1. When I go to copy text, it's like the issue I had on the web version where you have to copy the word/text twice b/c it doesn't take the first time. Now I have to do it like 3 times.
  2. The software also hung & wouldn't load properly, so I restarted it & it looks like one of the entries on my computer no longer exists. Well I certainly didn't delete it. I finally got it running again <sigh>
  3. When I click on a line where there's text & start typing, it doesn't even know my cursor was there & I go flying all over the place. I have to click into the note several times to make sure Evernote knows I'm really there.

REALLY NOT HAPPY. I was soo thrilled when I figured out that the windows version was way better than the web version & now these issues are the same issues I had on the web version & even MORE!! 

Thanks for listening.

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I am also experiencing the cursor focus issues in Evernote. Repro path:

1) Open a new note (ctrl+N)

2) Verify that the cursor is blinking

3) Attempt to type

result: blinking cursor disappears and none of my typing goes into the note.


Note: I'm using the same environment as the OP.

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22 hours ago, Chickaloon said:

This is still an issue. On the Windows client, bring up a new note. You must wait 5+ seconds, and click multiple times in the note area before you start typing, just to make SURE you're actually typing where you think you are. Not good.

Are you talking about the desktop version?

If yes, I just happened to check to see if there was an update (I don't know why it doesn't tell us there's an update when it's open & you are working on it) & there was. I think that issue is fixed now.

I had e-mailed with them for a few days trying to give them videos of what was happening , but kept forgetting to or I already clicked in several times & so then a video wouldn't have proved anything.

I just got home, so I still have to use the new version to see if it's completely working.

Let us know once you upgrade.


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Thanks, yes I just checked and yes there is a new version. I will install and try it out. I also have seen the problem where my shortcuts don't bring up any matches unless I try 5+ times. I think all these problems have a root cause around all the threading and subprocesses they are using. There are probably race conditions or other issues in the inter-process communication that is causing all this. I think they chose a much too complicated programming model for their Windows desktop version, unfortunately.

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18 hours ago, gawkla said:

Hi Team.

I've just checked last available version (6.9.7). It's better, but issue is still present.

1) Open existing note to edit

2) place cursor where you want to edit

3) start typing... -> nothing happened. Cursor is gone.


I agree, although so far I'm, only noticing it on new notes.

The highlighting & copying seems to be fixed (I hope). It used to remove the highlight when I clicked on the Ctrl button.

Thanks for updating the thread. I hope they read this.



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Yes. We upgraded from CEFv1 to CEFv3. It was painful - the programming model is completely different. (it's also why you see moreEvernote processes in task manager)

Yes. without any communication and any without final tests. Great idea.

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22 hours ago, gawkla said:

Yes. without any communication and any without final tests. Great idea.

They don't necessarily need to communicate updating internal 3rd-party components -- the normal user doesn't care about that, particularly as it may not involve anything that's user-detectable. But it's a different story when a piece of functionality that some users depend on is removed as a consequence (even if it's temporary). That's the sort of information that should be communicated in the release notes.

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Yeh I also upgraded to version & thought it would fix these issues, but it HASN'T & their response to me was to go all the way back to the version where it was working & DL that.

BUT, I happen to live the new feature where it shows you ALL the notes where that kw is even if it's not the notebook you are in. Why should I have to lose that feature to go back to such an old version just to get the bloody software to work :(

Why can't they just fix it?

Did you guys submit a ticket by first contacting them on Twitter?

Because if I'm the only one complaining, they aren't going to fix it.


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