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For over a year I have had 'note conflict' showing on two notes. I'm utterly frustrated by the impossibility of solving these. I have just deleted the unimportant note entirely, but one is important. With this I have just copied the entire latest version of the note (which in itself isn't easy as there is no 'select all' option and a wrong touch meant that several times I lost all the copied highlighted area and had to start again - the virtual keyboard was also in the way all the time) and pasted it on to the old conflicting note. I then went through the whole process of copying (again with difficulty) the old text within the note and deleted it. Thus the remaining note (still with the label 'note conflict') was now identical to the newer one. I clicked the end of edit tick, but it remains as a note conflict. I did this on my phone and it synced immediately.

Please tell me what to do.


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1 hour ago, sallyab said:

(still with the label 'note conflict')

Evernote identified an edit change conflict, created a Notebook named "Conflict..",  and used it to store the alternate version of your note

There is no 'note conflict' label.  It's just the name of the notebook the note is filed in.  After resolving the conflict details, you can move the note to a different notebook or delete it

>>I did this on my phone and it synced immediately.

It would have been easier doing the editing on your Mac

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Thank you. I used 'with the label' meaning 'named 'note conflict in ...''. I can't resolve the conflict as despite the 'note conflict' note and the other one (Dates) being identical, the 'note conflict' note is still there. Evernote didn't create a Notebook, it just stored a version of the alternative note and won't allow me to remove it. I wouldn't dare delete the 'conflict' note for fear of losing the later, correct note too!

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