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Couple of Evernote Web Enhancement Ideas



  • ability to copy (duplicate) a note to a different folder
  • a persistent folder/tags view (maybe like a tray with auto hide)
  • ability to drag/drop notes into different folders
  • a full screen "card" view (showing the note title, date updated, tags, and snippet of the note detail)
  • ability to set a specific order for folders

Some of these things are available in the Windows client, which I use primarily, but it is really, really, slow and clunky. But, it is still way more useful than the web client.


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Hi.  Evernote doesn't have 'folders',  it has notebooks;  which can be duplicated - but not in the Web client.  The only order for notebooks is alphanumeric,  though you can play with that by using special characters (!?@) or numbers at the start.  Most of what you want to do works in the desktop version which has megabytes of space,  permanent storage and your processor to play with.  The web version works through whatever resources the browser will allow and minimal storage.  Web versions will always be less capable than installed options.

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