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issue on IOS

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If I should have put thin into the mobile forum. However I think it's more a bug that a Mobile feature. It seems only to be an issue in the IOS version for the mobile app and I have tested on an android tablet fine.I'm testing on the an iPhone 6s running both 10.2.1 and the previous version of IOS. I have also test on a new instance of Cyclos and the demo instance with the same result. I have also uninstalled the application and re-installed so any config should have been removed. The problem is simply that when the user attempts to make a payment the description field seems active bug the characters does not appear in the field.I went through many resources and also IT support mobile explainer videos but did not find any solution for this issues. Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you

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On 2018-01-01 at 5:14 AM, aaronpawlak said:

The problem is simply that when the user attempts to make a payment

Can you explain what you mean by "make a payment"; is this an Evernote Subscription 

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