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Importing file from import folder on Windows 10 causes Evernote to freeze

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I am using a new Windows 10 computer and created an import folder where Evernote can automatically import and delete files in that folder.  It was working fine for the first few imports.  Now Evernote completely freezes (not responding) whenever there is a file in the import folder.  How can this be resolved?

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Thanks for the response.  I ended up creating another import folder and redirected Evernote to pull from the new folder.  Now everything is working fine again.  Strange - don't know what caused the first folder to get stuck but it is resolved now with the new folder.

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FYI, I reinstalled windows on my laptop, basically a new system. I setup Evernote to import from a new folder and it's been freezing every time. I'll try creating a new folder to import from when I get home tonight to see it fixes the problem.

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