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Has Scannable been abandoned?

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2 hours ago, E-NoteForum said:

It hasn't been updated in a year. Submitting feedback through the app just gives you an error message. The Evernote support Twitter account hasn't replied to a status request about it. This forum is super low-traffic and hasn't had an Evernote employee reply in forever.

Scannable sure feels like abandonware to me ...

Scannable continues to work for me, syncing my scans to Evernote

There is a movement to consolidate features in the central app, so the Scannable app may be dropped in the future

You can post feedback in the Feedback Forum

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I have wondered this same thing and have had the same experience of questions not being answered. In particular, the business card scanning function, which was the workhorse for me, works inconsistently if at all. It has stopped recognizing most business cards as business cards, which renders it useless. 

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