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Today I tried to import some notes from OneNote into Evernote and it is not working. It says Importing, gets a 1, and then stops. I tried with various OneNote notebooks, but is not importing. I felt like this worked a few months ago. Can anyone help me restore this feature?

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Hi.  Both OneNote and Evernote update their services from time to time,  and AFAIK neither side feels obliged to notify or update the other in any detail as to what's changed.  It's entirely possible that the two apps have updated out of sync and have 'lost' that connection for now,  and possibly forever.  (Reverse engineering OneNote to import notes from there is probably not a high priority for the Evernote techs.)

If it doesn't work,  it doesn't work:  can you export to another format like HTML that would import to Evernote more easily?  Is it feasible to print to PDF or copy/ paste manually?

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