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Issues editing and maintaining business cards

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I recently set up my ScanSnap Evernote scanner. Began capturing business cards. The scanner is quick, but in some cases assumes the wrong note type or captures an image in the incorrect orientation. These are not huge issues on their own, but it does not seem to be entirely intuitive how to edit this information once it is loaded into the desktop application. For instance, I cannot change the orientation of images if they are associated with a business card, I cannot update information in automatically generated fields, and I cannot change another kind of document to a business card. 

If these features are currently available, they do not seem to be intuitive. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have advice on how to workaround this issue? 

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Hi.  The Evernote Edition ScanSnap is (allegedly) pretty good at recognising different types of document,  and I'd have thought that a business card would be rather easy given the  unique sizes.  Is the problem occurring when these cards are mixed with batches of other documents?  Does it affect the first card the scanner sees,  so maybe it's taking a little while to adjust to a change from A4 to card-sized content? 

It's worth checking that you have the latest software versions installed,  and contacting both Fujitsu and Evernote Support to see what they can suggest.  Evernote's team is available on https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a paying customer,  Twitter - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if not.   (We're a -mainly- user-supported forum)

When you post again,  please confirm your OS and maybe someone else here will be able to suggest more...

On the editing of scanned content - formatted scans are difficult to edit in all formats;  it's often better to re-do the scan than try to change the existing one.  You may be able to edit pictures in an external application,  or just copy and paste from a formatted note into a manually created new version.  In some cases I've added details to a pre-formatted item by creating a new note and merging the two...

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