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Possible bug in Japanese

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If I type or paste a Japanese word in Evernote it looks ok, and if I then copy and paste that into a Japanese dictionary on the web it is recongnised. But if I search via a shortcut I made that uses Automator, it's layout gets messed up and the search does not work. This does not happen if I search for the word using the shortcut from a web page, only in Evernote. So the problem might be in Evernote. The automator uses a run shell script with 

open "https://www.japandict.com/?s=${@}"

and for Jisho I use 

open "http://www.jisho.org/search/${@}"
Jisho highlights the problem better. Here I have searched for ください from Evernote.  As you can see, it's not recognised because the layout is messed up. The two dots of the だ have become separated. 


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