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Mail to Evernote with Mail.app link back to original email

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I'm wondering about the form of the "link back to email".  The original email can be in google Mail, or in some mail client

I use a script on my Mac to transfer email to Evernote; it includes a link in the form   message://%3c47e93e47d00b478dbd4d413d80fe927d@XSRV1.vgn.cty%3e
but I find it more useful to include the raw .eml file

My script is documented here   https://www.evernote.com/l/AAoum50-o0dKQaabTlhz5w8aY8A68g75m1I

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Thanks for the info.  The link seems to be the standard mail.app link and words across Mac, iPad and iPhone.  Things 3 is doing something on their end to capture the link once you forward it to you inbox.  There are no scripts required.  I will check out your script however. 

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