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Pocket integration



I use Evernote for everything. It holds my life together.

Thank you.

I use Pocket to store articles and bits and pieces off the web to add to notes and research later when I've had a chance to process.

A really cool feature would be if relevant articles from my Pocket reading lists would come up in the Context section. 

It would save me a lot of time and simplify things for me.

Also, how do I open the notes that come up in the context section?


Many thanks

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Really nice idea!

Until then, a workaround could be to (also) add those articles to Evernote, using either IFTTT or Zapier to pull in that content.

As for the contextual notes, could it be you're on a beta version? Normally those context notes would open on a simple click; in my current Windows beta they don't react to any kind of clicking

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I think it's a great idea and wanted something similar myself. I have hundreds of articles on pocket from all the years of bookmarking. It is difficult to import them all to evernote in a single click, so thought it would be nice if the context feature searched my pocket library and showed similar results in notes!

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