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cut and paste ... paste out converts to wrong characters

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Hi all .. 


This is a new issue .. 

I have been using ever notes for several years now, but I just noticed few weeks ago that my scripts .. ( unix scripts ) .. are not working properly, well I found out that pasting into Evernotes and copy pasting out to plain ascii editor, terminal .. anything .. EverNote converts to strange strings like below .. 

paste in to Evernote:



paste out of Evernote:


notes set to be plain text. 

and  you can see "<" is converted to "&lt;"   .. Can you help with this .. on Sierra 6.13.3 version .. 

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typo in version
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I have what seems to be the same problem.  I copied from MS Word and found that: " becomes rdquo; or  ldquo; and ' becomes rsquo;. 

Also bulleted items and numbered items are not indented properly beyond the first level.  

Any ideas on fixing this? 




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Hi.  Although devs do read these pages,  Evernote staff don't (usually) comment on individual issues.  Other users may have had similar issues fixed and be able to make useful suggestions,  but that might take a while.  If you have a problem following an update,  the best place to post is usually in the release thread*,  where devs will be watching for issues;  or if you need to fix something before the next update comes out - contact Support directly.  It can take a while,  but you'll get direct feedback and (maybe) a fix - or at least a timescale to a fix.

* so also it's kinda useful to know Mac/ Windows / Desktop / Mobile - unless the OS is obvious from your context...

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