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Where is the Evernote Skill for Alexa?

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Hi.  Try this link - https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-alexa-skills-kit/lessons/intro-to-alexa?course_redirect=learn-alexa


In this sequence, you will learn how to create a simple Hello Codecademy Alexa skill. You will build the interaction model and Amazon Lambda function that responds to a user's voice with a personal welcome message. Though it is not a prerequisite for most of the content in this sequence, a basic understanding of JavaScript will help you understand the programming logic in this course sequence.

I'm sure Evernote devs could build a skill,  but the problem may be where that priority fits into their existing schedule of work - which is probably quite a long list already...

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Thanks for sharing the codecacedemy .

does not seem this complicated, building a skill!

Really wondering, considering the vast post on these forums, when evernote may pickt this idea up?

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