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Easy method of moving notebooks between all accounts



I ended up having three accounts:

1. Personal Account

2. A personal account used for work

3. Evernote Business Account for Work

For reasons not wroth writing in here, combining the non-business version work account and the Evernote Business account isn't going to work for me at the moment.

Evernote has a great tool for transitioning notebooks into a business account from a personal account, but not the other way (maybe for good security reasons). In working through how we were going to setup and structure out business account, I ended up sucking in some notebooks I wished I hadn't. So this particular request is for a method to easily move notebooks between all accounts or at the very least a way for an administrator of a business account to send a notebook out to a personal account.

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Is it possible to share notebooks from a personal account to a business account, and vice-versa? I find notebook sharing to work well for me, but I don't have a business account, so I can't test out that end of the equation.

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