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Web Clipper doesn't clip the entire URL !


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Hey folks,

Web Clipper doesn't clip the entire URL if I try to make a bookmark , or whatever else.

URL's I'm talking are fairly large , but why is Web clipper cutting them off ?

Example URL I'm trying to save - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sunscreen-Air-Cushion-BB-Cream-Concealer-moisturizing-foundation-Whitening-flawless-makeup-bare-Air-Magic-For-Face/32733243984.html


I can always copy/paste the URL , but what is the point of using the extension then if I have to do the job twice ?


Any fix for this, or any settings ?


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I would open a ticket. It appears this is issue only on windows, for the complete page clipped  shows on ios and android but not all of page shows on windows. You are the only post I see regarding this issue.

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Hi both.  Tickets are the way to go -  hadn't noticed any restrictions on URL length,  and these are the only two posts about the issue (so far).  This is a (mainly) user-supported forum,  though the devs will read through most entries at some stage.  If you'd like a response sooner than later,  a ticket will get you there.  If anyone has any fixes or suggestions,  please let us know!

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Glad you fixed it - turns out my clipper (Windows) also changes that URL weirdly - I clipped: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sunscreen-Air-Cushion-BB-Cream-Concealer-moisturizing-foundation-Whitening-flawless-makeup-bare-Air-Magic-For-Face/32733243984.html

But then if I click the URL from the note,  my browser tries a longer string https://www.aliexpress.com//www.aliexpress.com/item/Sunscreen-Air-Cushion-BB-Cream-Concealer-moisturizing-foundation-Whitening-flawless-makeup-bare-Air-Magic-For-Face/32733243984.html?src=ibdm_d03p0558e02r02 - which generates a 404 error from the site...

Maybe some kind of coding / redirection error. ??

FWIW I have bit.ly installed and a shortened link works fine.




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