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(Archived) Apple Mail - Plug-In Suggestion



I first want to say that Evernote is the COOLEST Web tool to date!!!!

It would be great if there were a plug-in for apple mail that worked similar to the Safari Plugin.

I like to keep correspondences relating to projects in a project notebook, this would truly streamline this process.

Thanks for listening, and THANKS FOR EVERNOTE!


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What I am looking for is an ability to connect Mail to Evernote that would allow for a drop-down menu to appear that would include a list of all of my Evernote notebooks.

I have been forwarding emails that I have into my notebooks by including the @'notebook name' in the subject line, however this requires that I remember the names of all of my notebooks.

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the apple mail clipper button would be a huge help. with the amount of emails i go through in a day does not permit time for me to forward or save or copy and paste everything. i need 1 button like the safari clipper. Microsoft outlook has a one button clipper and it works great but i have recently moved over to mac and am trying to get apple mail setup.


thank you

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Tried debugging it and talked to Mr. Veritrope about it. It's related to the focus bug, I'm sure... evernote simply doesn't respond at a certain point in the script. It was similarly broken by Lion although the Applescript dictionaries remain the same.

In any event, the mail forwarding is a good solution for a lot of use cases, but not all of them.

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My $0.02:

The forwarding solution (1) doesn't include a URL link back to the mail as native solutions do, (2) has a non-trivial delay associated with it, as the mail doesn't arrive to a local copy until the next time you sync, (3) adds another level of indentation to the text and (4) is more cumbersome than using a hotkey.

Whether this stuff is a big deal to you probably depends on how you use Evernote. My approach is get information out of my mailbox, RSS readers, etc, into Evernote constantly throughout the day. Everything gets routed there, and then gets processed into my to-do list at various points during the day. I'm pushing mail into Evernote dozens of times a day so, for my workflow, it's a lot better to a native solution rather than forwarding mail.

I've been using forwarding as a workaround while Evernote gets the bugs worked out, but had been hopelessly spoiled by being able to push a well-formatted and linked email instantly to Evernote with a keystroke.

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I've been using Veritrope's Mail-to-EN Applescript and Red Sweater's Fastscript app for a long time and it was a fantastic solution. If you're on an email you like, just slam a hotkey (I used Shift-CMD-E) and - boom - you would instantly get a very nicely formatted new Evernote in your inbox with attachments and everything. Fantastic. just what I wanted.

Unfortunately, it's now broken in Lion for reasons likely similar to the malfunctioning CMD-CTL-V. It's at the top of my list to get fixed, for sure... totally busted my workflow. Forwarding through Evernote's servers yields a much slower, less-complete result.

- Barry

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I have tried using the "copy/paste" method of getting messages from Mail and into EN. It works fine for getting the email header and body into the body of the note and the email's subject line into the note title. What it doesn't do - and what I really need it to do - is to add any email attachments to the note as attached files.

Of course, dragging an email from Mail and dropping it onto EN dock icon will put the full email (with attachments) into a note as an attached .eml file. This is fine except that you then need something like Mail or Outlook to read the attached file - EN on iOS can't handle it.

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I've always just forwarded the note to my Evernote email address. With tagging and notebooks working as they should in the subject line, it's the easiest way I've come up with.


Type "ev" - evernote address pops up


Ctl-Right Arrow

Type tags and notebook



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I've just realized that the easiest way to add an email to EN is just to print it - and select "Save PDF to Evernote". You then don't even need to hit the Print button.

The Subject of the email then becomes the Note Title. And it's cleaner to save emails as PDFs.

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If you do a lot of emailing to Evernote, you could use a program called iKey. This allows you (amongst other things) to assign a series of key strokes to a function key.

So if you assigned: Select All>Copy>Evernote paste key combination to a function key; then when you click anywhere in an email and hit the function key, your email will go to Evernote. Even the subject line will become the note title - see my post above.

You can also assign it to a menu key; or even a floating menu button.

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Yes, you're right Dave. I automatically hit Cmd-C after selecting what I want - it's a built-in reflex I've done it so often. Then I just hit the menubar elephant and "Paste to Evernote".

Sheesh - a one-step procedure without having to hit Cmd-C would really confuse me now..... :D

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That's interesting. I think this must be a side-effect of what Mail.app is putting into the clipboard, since I know we don't have any fancy code to dig into Mail.app from the outside.

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Interestingly, if you copy the body of an email (in Mail), and then "Paste to Evernote" in the menu bar, the note that is created has as it's title the subject line of the email. Even though one has not copied the subject line itself. You can test this by just clicking in any email and selecting "Paster to Evernote".

So there must be some linkage between Mail and the Evernote clipper. It just needs to be expanded a bit... :D

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I think that you need to do a Copy first from Mail.app for that to work. I.e. our other clippers don't require you to do a Copy and then Paste to Evernote. It's one step.

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What am I missing here? I have Evernote on my Mac, and there is a clipper on the top menu bar.

So, if I'm in Mail, whatever I select i can just hit that Evernote Clipper elephant and it gets clipped to Evernote.

Why do we need a separate one within the Mail.app itself?

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