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Evernote - too clever for its own good

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just saved a page to Evernote.

didn't find it in the folder I have been using for very many months.

saved again.

still didn't find the page in Evernote.

looked at where Evernote had saved the page.

Found out Evernote had saved the page to a folder called 'Medical'.

I never created that folder.

Evernote people thought it fit to double--guess users, it seems.

users don't need this sort of trying much much too hard.

I set Evernote to save to a given folder.

Evernote please don't presume to create 'clever' filing that OVERRIDES WHAT I HAVE PREVIOUSLY SET UP.

thank you.

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35 minutes ago, guycruls said:

Found out Evernote had saved the page to a folder called 'Medical'.

I never created that folder.


afaik   Evernote does not create notebooks by itself 

What was your process of saving the page; which platform/device.  
When I use the web clipper on my Mac, a note is created in my default notebook or I can choose from existing notebooks.  I know which notebook is being used for the note

In Options, there is a selection for Smart Filing.  This may be the issue you're having
Documentation at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314738-Evernote-Web-Clipper-options    
Smart filing automatically suggests a related notebook and/or tag for new web clips based on the similarity of your new clip to previous clips.


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