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"Get There Faster" notification keeps appearing

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I just got a new computer and installed Evernote. Now this "Get there faster" notification keeps appearing every time I open Evernote, even if I click "got it". I did uninstall, restart, and re-instlaled from a fresh download. Still appears. Can someone help me get rid of this? 

Running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Evernote


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Hi.  Odd.  Sometimes pop-ups do appear for a while as they 'helpfully' point out features that might be new to you,  but after you've used the software for a day or two,  and have created some notes,  they usually go away.  It's the holiday season so Evernote Support will be intermittently available,  understaffed and the guys who are lucky enough to be working (hah!) will be very busy,  but I'd suggest you contact them via Twitter to @EvernoteHelps

Meantime there's no way that I know of to stop the notices other than a healthy dose of patience and repeated clicking of 'Got it'...  sorry!

Happy holidays otherwise... :)

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I seemed to have fixed this little bug. I uninstalled Evernote and then deleted the Evernote folder located at:


Then installed and let it sync completely before exiting, opening it again, clicking Got It and exiting again.

The next time and many times since reopening Evernote, that information box has not popped up since!

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