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Google Drive integration and PDF text search

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When I first read of your all-new feature of integration with Google Drive, I was in heaven. I finally had a way to keep my articles and article notes on Evernote, taking advantage of the advanced search  and nested tags features of the software, while also having one single file to annotate through third-party apps (I don't really like the internal Evernote app) and having the same file on Paperpile. No more duplicates, no need to remember where my annotated version of a paper was, and no more need to search in three places.

At least - i thought so. Unless I'm not wrong, I quickly discovered files hosted on Drive are not searchable in Evernote - thus missing one of the most important reasons of subscribing Evernote plus in the first place. 

Sure enough, Google Drive has quite a strong search engine in itself, but that would concern only the stored pdf and not my own notes, or the web clippings I might have taken here and there. Nor - to be sure - I can take advantage of the labelling system on Drive. Likewise, Paperpile (to which I recently switched from Zotero) lacks, as for today, any in-text search feature (although that seems to be a planned improvement), and, while it is great for categorising and organising articles and books, it doesn't cover note-taking or web clipping (which makes sense, since it is supposed to be a referencing tool and not a note taker).

I hope that in-text search of files stored on Google Drive is planned, as otherwise I might consider to downgrade to a basic plan soon.

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