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How to change devices list pin account

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I am getting back to Evernote after a long absence but cannot seem to register my new MacBook on my account. I am only using Basic right now until I get back into this, but apparently Evernote thinks I already have two devices on the account. One of them is probably an old MacBook that I no longer have. 


How do I update what devices I now have so I can use Basic?


Thanks for any help. 

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21 hours ago, SkipII said:

How do I update what devices I now have so I can use Basic?

Sign into your account with  an authorized device (or use the web platform on any device)

Select Manage Devices in your Account Settings5a3d694ced9a3_ScreenShot2017-12-22at12_20_51.png.0736e3f612d67c38065db33c8c26a363.png

Revoke access to inactive devices

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Make it clear the web platform can be used without authorization
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2 minutes ago, SkipII said:

Thank you. Okay, but now how do I add my new MacBook?  


Just login to your Evernote account using the Mac client software.  Your device will be added to the list

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