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Do away "*" in Paste and Match Style

Ramkumar LS


Hello there! I updated my Evernote to 'Windows version 6.8'. Ever since I updated this, I'm facing a problem with 'Paste and Match' format. Whenever I copy a text from other platform and try pasting in Evernote using 'Paste and Match' style, I'm getting an "*" instead of bullet what we actually supposed to get. Even if I do simple paste, everything appears misaligned. So, after the update, evernote appears very unfriendly and time consuming. The users have to remove the "*" from each line. Becoz "*" is not formatted actually. (please look closer to the second image i attached and particular second line)  Imagine someone works with 100 lines and he/she have to remove "*" 100 lines do their own formatting again and the time and energy?! It is very difficult to work with this "*" instead of a bullet. I dont see any purpose of "*" in place of a bullet.   I work with Evernote every day making my notes. Becoz of this bug Im not able to do that. The users facing very difficult times due to this. The older version did not have this issue. I attached two images. One is with "*" that we are facing. The second image is after formatting. We have to format in this way in every note that we are making. I request you  to please look in to this and do the necessary. 5a3115c9ba78b_EN1.thumb.JPG.8145e631ba9d0c4e6d101d87f82cf45e.JPG5a3115ed8dea5_EN2.thumb.JPG.fdf13eabd72664680b81adf7bfa20932.JPG

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