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Clearing/Deleting Checked Items in todo lists like google keep

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Is there a way to clear or archive checked items at the bottom of the note or somewhere, or even delete them as you check them? This feature is possible in Google Keep, it clears from the list and puts down under somewhere in the note.

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I agree totally....for an App like this that costs as much  as it does should not be without this option. If this was added to the features of Evernote I would sign up for Premium the next day! Not just a strike through but move to a done list or strikethrough items moved to the bottom of the list to see completed items still. This can be used in notes as well as todo lists.

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This assumes, of course, that Evernote has to-do lists. But what it has is checkboxes, which create workable enough checklists that can be used for various purposes. It seems to me that the general-purpose nature of these checklists, rather than their being dedicated to-do lists, is by design. In the Evernote How to make a checklist Help page, there are 7 uses for checklists; to-do is the first one, but clearly they are meant to serve many purposes. For myself, there are times when I would appreciate having checked items cleared or moved, but many other times when I want them to stay where they are as they are.

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