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Better Business/Personal Continuity



I've been using Evernote for years.  For a long time I had only a Premium Personal account.  Then I convinced a company I was working with to try out Evernote Business, which they did, and now have all their employees on board with it.  So now I have a business+personal account with Evernote.

When we first did this, all notebooks were more or less in the same view, with business notebooks marked as "business".  Then, Evernote rolled out the segregated context-view that completely isolates business from personal notes/notebooks.

This change has been nothing but a headache for me.

Evernote has never had the most fluid UX.  It has always felt a little clunky/cluttered/bloated, but you could get used to it after using it for years as I have.  The business/personal context isolation has added another full layer of bloat.  A few examples:

  • Command+N to add a quick note?  Better hope you're in the right context, or that personal thing you jot down just went into your shared Business folder.  (this happens to me ALL THE TIME!)  before the segregation, I could have ALL new notes go to an Inbox, and then move them to business notebooks as I like
  • Using the menu helper quick note and/or the web clipper?  Same problem: no way of knowing where the note is going to end up unless you check with the Evernote app first, which defeats the purpose of the menu helper.
  • Need to switch to a notebook REAL FAST because you're on a call and need to reference something on the fly?  Command+J to switch, type the first few letters of the notebook, and WHOOPS that's a personal notebook and I'm currently in the Business context.  Now I need to remember that arthritic keyboard shortcut to switch to Personal, then Command+J to get the notebook, and ***** I forgot what it was I was looking for in the first place.
  • Force press to add quick note on iOS?  Your guess is as good as mine as to where it's going to end up.
  • Need to check a note REAL QUICK while talking to someone in a conference and "Hey I wrote it down, hold on just a sec" .. pull out phone tap Evernote , back out of random note currently in display, tap notes, scroll, can't find it ok tap search, type in something in the note, "NO RESULTS", oh ***** it's because I'm in Personal and that note was in Business, ok umm, tap Account, tap Personal account, tap search again, type the same query all over, oooh there it is, now what was I talking about again?, oh they left and talking to someone else now.

Basically everything in Evernote suddenly became a MINIMUM 2-step process: select the context (wait which context was that again?), then do whatever it was you were doing, all while trying to remember what you're ACTUALLY working on.  By the way, I use Evernote because I want it to SUPPORT my work, not BECOME my work — I need to be able to take notes and query notes FAST, and without having to make some kind of arbitrary context-switch in my head in the process.  FIX IT!

I've been whining about this to @evernote and @evernotehelps on Twitter for a while and have been mostly ignored.

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37 minutes ago, dustinfarris said:

We are switching to Apple Notes.

Does Apple Notes even have Business/Personal Continuity?

I see them more as a Personal tool

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