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Evernote for Salesforce Bug

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I've installed the Evernote for Salesforce app, followed all the installation steps, and my SF users still cannot "Connect" to use Evernote within Salesforce.

We have the Professional version of SF and I've installed it in the Opportunity, Lead, Account, and Contact pages. Our users will be logging into Evernote with their personal account and we do not have Evernote for Business.

The following error keeps appearing when one of my users tries to "Connect": "Content cannot be displayed: You do not have sufficient privileges to access the controller: EvernoteController".

I assigned access to the Apex Class to all my users, specifically the "EvernoteController" and the "Evernote.PostInstallClass" to all my user profiles and they still keep getting this error.  

What am I missing?  How can I fix this?  Any tips are greatly appreciated!


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