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Ctrl Alt N Hotkey doesn't bring the new window to forefront

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Thank you, Dave.  That didn't work.  Tried several times.  Also tried a suggestion in some other thread, to manually uncheck creating of a new window in Options menu and then re-check it.  Doesn't seem to work.  Having the window in fore front when creating a new note is such a significant productivity booster.  I really wish there was a fix!  Or are there other tricks perhaps?

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On 23/12/2017 at 3:57 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Sorry that didn't help. I'm mystified then. It works properly for me, but obviously not for you. I hate to suggest a reinstallation, but that might be the next move. Be sure to do a manual sync first, and back up any local notes, if you do so.

I agree with @Dave-in-Decatur - this shortcut works for me,  with the window at the front;  don't know why it would be otherwise.  Only extra suggestion - get your new window to the forefront and add enough text to create a note.  File > Close the note.  Then File > Exit Evernote and then reopen it.  This might save the window position to your Registry and give you the window placement that you need in future.

Failing that - try an uninstall / reinstall.  Keep a copy of your Databases folder just in case (backups are always good anyway) but a reinstall is less hassle than you just went through with the new note...

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I've noticed this behavior occurring with some regularity when Evernote itself is already open in the taskbar. In that case a new note window will be created, the icon will be highlighted, but the window won't come to front until you tab to it.

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Okay I uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote and did all of the above tricks.  It worked only once.  And it is back to opening the new windows in background :-(  Should I escalate this to Evernote support?

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