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Word count not working properly



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On 19/12/2017 at 9:12 PM, Sergeadg said:

I have to do the procedure twice

Hi - What procedure is this?  My word count shows in the note status bar and increments / decrements as I add words.  Haven't checked the counts,  but they seem to be updated instantly...

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Procedure is - go to a note, type some text, then click the "Word and Resource counts" option in the "Note" menu on Windows.

Here's a photo of what happens with me if I create a new note. The second time I run it, the count comes out correct.



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Hmmn.  If you go to the View menu and choose 'view status bar',  you'll get this at the bottom of your notes -


If I follow your route I get the same results no matter how many times I try...


Full disclosure - I'm on the beta,  which may mean this is a valid bug they killed already...

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16 hours ago, dbvirago said:

That works. Thanks, I hadn't seen that before. 

And strangely, if I have the status bar, the word and resource count works, if I don't, it doesn't. 

Anyway, the status bar is now on and all is well

Yes, it works ONLY if the status bar is turned on.

I am using Using Evernote for Windows (306350) Public



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