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bug when typing in a note

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When typing in note A, sometimes Evernote will jump me into note B. Sometimes Evernote does this only when I pause in my typing, but sometimes it will do it in the middle of a rapid string of keystrokes. In the second case, many of my keystrokes land in note B, not note A. 

It's very annoying to slow down to undo the misplaced keystrokes and return to note A. It breaks my thought, and makes me want to stop typing notes in Evernote, which used to be my go-to place for note-taking. 

I'm a long-time Evernote user, and this bug is new in the past few months. I'm using version (305825) Public (CE Build ce-1.28.2184) on Windows 7. I have 9,850 notes in Evernote.


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Hi.  The only thing which could cause Evernote to jump back and forth would be a keyboard hot key combination or the arrow / tab buttons,  or maybe fast typing generates some confusion in the keyboard connection with your device.  This doesn't happen with my Win 10 setup,  and yours is the first comment I've seen on the issue.  Do you have an option to use a different keyboard?

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Thanks for jumping in.

This happens on a  laptop with a built-in keyboard. But I'll try a bluetooth keyboard when I have a chance. Unfortunately my bluetooth keyboard is in another city right now.
However, I'm not sure your diagnosis is correct. First, when I'm jumped out of one note into another, the second note seems to be randomly selected. Sometimes it's adjacent in chrono order but sometimes it's not. If I were accidentally hitting some hot keys, I'd expect more regularity here. Second, sometimes I'm jumped out of a note when I'm not typing, but pausing. Third (which I didn't mention in my original note), I don't have this problem with any other programs. The EN shortcuts don't seem capable of the effects I'm seeing, that is, closing one EN note, scrolling to another, and opening it. But if I'm accidentally hitting some background hot keys, outside EN, then I'd expect to hit the same hot keys in other apps, with equally weird consequences. But that doesn't happen.

Your suggestion is worth exploring and I'll explore it. But another possibility is a bug, or an incompatibility between EN some other software I'm now running.

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Came here to report the exact same issue, on a desktop computer with an Asus KB34211 USB keyboard. My client version is on Windows 10, 64 bit build 1709. This problem first appeared after the update to 6.9.

I can add that the note which the focus changes to is always the first note in the same notebook. The panels I have visible are Left Panel, Note List, and Note Panel with the Editing Toolbar. Also, I don't edit notes in a new window.

Even if I accidently hit the Home key, which is unlikely, that shouldn't switch to the first note unless the Note List has focus, which it doesn't.


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