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To recover device from Evernote database

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7 hours ago, Moin7880@gmail.com said:

I have unfortunately removed device wch has data in it from evernote....how do I recover 

Evernote is a cloud service; data is uploaded and stored on the servers
You can view your data using the web platfom at www.evernote.com

As such, you can't "remove" your device - it's simply an access tool
What are you seeing that makes you think you have an issue?

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Evernote has 2 users limit for basic mode...

N to sign in with anothr mobile i had remove 1 device frm evernote app n I did it, but unfortunately i hav removed the device wch has data in it, so help me in recovering tht device login n to replace with another 1....


I already tried with web login, thr is no trace of older device which had data in it....

Please check reference image wch has backup of recent 1 but m using evernote since 2015, & i need to replace the device wch has data.



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14 hours ago, jefito said:

What kind of device? Phone? Desktop/laptop? Was it synced? Can't you just download the appropriate Evernote application and log in?

It was mobile....already 2 wer logged in so cudnt loginto anthr 1,so i removed1 n replaced with anothr but i see data is also removed along with the device n anyhow hav to recover my data....

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5 hours ago, Moin7880@gmail.com said:

Evernote has 2 users limit for basic mode...

There are two different processes

  1. Update your account and revoke access to a device
  2. Update your device and delete the Evernote app

You need to sync your data before either of these processes.  
This uploads your data to your account on the Evernote server.

To use the old device, revoke access to one of the devices in the list.  Then login with the old device.

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Just now, Moin7880@gmail.com said:

Hi... Unfortunately i sold that device, 

Please give me alternated solution...

If you didn't sync changes from that device to the Evernote servers before you sold the device, then there is no alternate solution. It's the situation as if you had taken a photo with your device's camera, but sold it before you backed it up to some other location (like a cloud service). If the only place that the data existed was on the device, and you don't have the device any more, then the data is gone.

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On 2017-12-20 at 8:08 AM, Moin7880@gmail.com said:

Hi... Unfortunately i sold that device

Is there a possibility you were using a different account with that phone.

For the most part, our data is protected because it's uploaded to the server

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22 minutes ago, Moin7880@gmail.com said:

No...only single account...

Is thr any possibility to fetch data from revoked device???

I think so, but you need access to the device

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