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Printing Multi-Note Document

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I have created a Master Note with Table of Contents Links to multiple separate notes and would like to print or export the entire thing. I can't see any way to accomplish this. Currently, I save each note individually as a pdf then merge all of the pdfs using Preview, etc. and, finally, save or print that. So much effort for something that should be the perfect sweet spot for EverNote. Am I missing anything?

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50 minutes ago, CalS said:

Nope, not possible.  Only way is to get all the notes in a search result

This would be my solution; perhaps tie the notes using a Tag

Actually, if you do this, the table of contents note might not be required

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It's possible on the Windows and Mac platforms to merge multiple notes into one. If you don't want them to end up merged, here's what I would do:

  1. Create a temporary or utility notebook for this purpose.
  2. Copy (don't move) the relevant notes to this notebook.
  3. In the temporary or utility notebook, select the notes in the sequence I desire and then merge them (the option shows up automatically in Windows when multiple notes are selected; or use Note > Merge Notes).
  4. Print the resulting merged note to PDF or whatever.
  5. Delete the now-unnecessary merged note to avoid confusion.
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2 hours ago, kdeemer said:

Thanks, gathering them together isn't a problem. But is there any way to print multiple notes to the same pdf?


You can print to one PDF using the Windows version.

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On 12/18/2017 at 4:44 PM, kdeemer said:

Thanks, Dave. I see how that could work. Evernote sure doesn't make things easy.



Glad it helped. Some things easy, some things unexpectedly complicated, some things only complicated because I never knew I wanted such a thing before Evernote made it possible. IMHO. :)

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I have a Mac and I really need a solve to this problem.

I want to export or print out short multiple notes, in the order they were created.

If I merge the notes, I can't un-merge them. I lose the original format of the notes.

If I duplicate the notes, and merge them, the duplication process scrambles the order. No longer in the correct order. Now random. Thanks.

I need to get my writing out of this application in a way that doesn't lead to me having a ton of mindless clean up work to do.

Print multiple notes on one page. On a mac. 

Is there any way??

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