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(Archived) Premium: data security and encryption

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Hi Evernote-gang,

Just a quick about what would make me use EN3.

First of all let me say that EN3 looks great! The database-sync is a great feature and I would love to use it on a daily basis.

But, I use EN2 professionally. I'm a Project Manager so a lot of the text entered are plans, todos and strategic stuff from meetings with Sales about ongoing projects, new clients and so on. This information is, of course, confidential.

So for me to use EN3 I would have to be sure that the information I enter is mine, and mine alone. This means encrypted network traffic and encryted storage - where I pick the encryption key for storage. Not just the CTLR+SHIFT-P option. All notes encrypted in the database.

If that was possible, I'd buy a Premium membership in a flash! If not, I couldn't use EN3 as my notebook.

I'm not sure if EN3 continues the sync-options from EN2 (portable-drive, ...). If so I could still use a free version or maybe a licensed version but I wouldn't use the database-sync, which IMHO is the EN3 "Claim To Fame".

If the "old" sync-options won't be available in EN3, I'd have to stick with EN2 or change to another product.

Please note: I'd have to be *very* sure that my notes were encrypted and secure. My company would insist on it.


Michael Willer

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Hi dengberg

I have to second my fellow in names: I would only switch to EN3 if I can make sure that my data is secured by encryption. As much as I love the new version and the 'access all areas' approach, I'd be very reluctant to store my knowledge (which as a consultant is my most valuable asset) on a 'public' server.

While I have read the information at viewtopic.php?f=30&t=5667#p20633, I still think that the question of encryption will be crucial for a lot of people. If EN3 becomes a big success (which I wish for you), and a lot of people start to store a lot of their valuable data and knowledge on your server(s), that data will probably attract hackers like honey does attract bees. Now if I understand the info in the other thread correctly, once said hacker is beyond the 'admin password' (forgive me the simplyfication), all the data is an open book to him. That's a thought which gives me the shivers, at least if my data were amongst it. I'd much prefer the thought that the evil guy would still need to hack each and every users notebook.

I do understand the problem concerning the web client, but would rather live without it than leave my knowledge 'out there in the open'. And I do not totally agree that skipping the web client would mean the same as a simple backup solution. There would still be the synchronization of several clients (e.g. desktop, mobile phone and notebook), which would be very convenient via the web.

Having said that I'd like to add that I love the feature to be able to enter notes via email. If the questions above can't be solved, please do provide a EN 2.5 which brings this feature to the desktop only version, too! Pleeeeeeaze! :)

Thanks for listening

Michael Steidinger

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Thanks for the feedback. Encryption on the network for all data (SSL) will definitely be an option for premium users.

Re: encrypted storage ... this doesn't really match up very well with any sort of web based service. There's a little discussion on the topic, with proposed alternatives, here:


SSL option? That's great, I'll need that. But I'd still like an encryption option as well. Not for a note or two, but for an entire database. I know that this will make it unreadable in a web-client - I can live with that just fine, as long as I can access the database from my Mac and Winblows PC - I'll be very happy.

I'm not asking for this because I have something to hide. I'm asking because it just might be the only way for me to use EN3 for my "sensitive" data-files (references to contracts, bids a.s.o.)

I agree that an alternative is a local database. But that would require a USB sync option or at the very least a backup option.

Hope this clarifies my point. Anyway: using EN3 now for my less sensitive notes and loving it. Good job guys!

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