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Many users stop using Evernote because of defects and bugs in fonts. Different fonts appear on all devices. It's impossible to use them all at once. Your website has hundreds of feedback on fonts. Don't you consider them? You have 200 million users but you still don't solve problems with these fonts. If a single powerful alternative program is available, you will lose most of your users. If you can't do anything. Turn off the Font substitution setting. Just use Apple's San Francisco font. Like Simplenote.

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Hi.  Is Apple's San Francisco font available for Android and Windows users?  I imagine Evernote's problems stem from trying to standardize appearances in 4 different operating systems and variations (more if you count browsers too) plus wildly different screen sizes and resolutions.  If consistency is required I tend to use PDF files which are more (but not completely) reliable,  or JPGs for logos,  headlines etc.

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Font size has been a problem for years. I must type documents in a size 22 font on my computer in order to be able to read them on my ipad. That's ridiculous. I've switched to OneNote where that is not a problem.

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