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Last change on selecting Notebook for note: BAD!




I'd like to say that I didn't appreciate too much the change on the user experience when selecting the Notebook for a note. (Version 7.15)

Before, it showed last used notebooks, but not anymore.

Besides that, current screen takes a long time to load so user has to wait before being able to make any choice. I currently have 185 notebooks grouped under 15 notebook groups.

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In the currently available v. 7.15, when viewing a note and tapping the notebook name to change it, I get an alphabetical list of all notebooks, no recent ones indicated. And after I select the new notebook, I now pointlessly have to click Move at the bottom right of the screen (as reported by another user here). A total downgrade of the process and experience.

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22 minutes ago, arfmach said:

Hello, Evernote team! Will this issue be considered? Or are we fated to live with that UX change for now on?

@arfmach, these are mainly user-to-user forums. Evernote staff look in from time to time, but this is not a direct way of addressing them. In any case, they tend not to discuss future development plans. I personally, though, would guess that, having put some time and effort into making this unwanted and annoying change, they won't be undoing it just because, well, we didn't want it and we find it annoying.

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