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Cursor placement for new note on iPhone app

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I use Evernote both on my Mac and iPhone. Most notes that I create are just a single line, and therefore using only the title field is my normal use case.

When creating a new note from my iPhone, the cursor defaults into the body of the note rather than into the Title field, making it necessary to tap into the Title before writing my note. 

But when creating notes on my Mac, the cursor defaults into the Title field. This discrepancy ends up providing a fairly odd UX overall.

Is there any way to change the behavior on my iPhone app so that the cursor defaults to the Title field? Alternatively, is there a way to have the Mac app default the cursor to the body field so that at least, the behavior is consistent across platforms.

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I asked many years ago to have always 1st line of body as Title as well.

I hate "Untitled Notes". Surprise that on desktop version they exactly what I like. Why not on iOS?

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