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Using my Tablet Galaxy TabA I have exported a text from Pocket (Android) to Evernote; then I marked, using the mark text, some passages of the text; I finally added notes with the S-pen, using the "Writing" tool, in some parts of the note, I did this on the street, I was connected to the Internet through the Internet sharing of my Galaxy Note5; Everything seemed fine; already at home I accessed the note of my 2 in 1 Yoga 520 and noticed that the annotation using the tool "Writing" had disappeared, I took a look at my Tablet and there also the note had disappeared. I do not know if there was a problem saving the note in Evernote for Android or if it was a problem in sync. Anyway it was a problem. What I lost is not so serious, but it could be. Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know a way to avoid this problem?

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