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Changed password via web and now can't login from PC

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I updated my Evernote account password via web account management and now my notes won't sync from the Windows PC client software.  It's like different Evernote security/authentication servers are in use, and the sync between them is not working, or working abnormally slowly.  Or a flag got set on my account because two different sets of passwords don't match.  I don't know what the real deal is.  The only way I can sign into the Windows PC client software is with my old password.  When I try to use the new password, I am told it's an invalid password.

I have logged out of everything Evernote multiple times on both my phone and the Windows client software. I can get into my web account management portal, I can access my notes in the Windows PC client.  I just cannot make sync work now that my password has changed.  Do I need to revert back to my old password? I would prefer not, but if that's what I have to do to get it to work, please let me know.

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