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Rahul Sarin

Evernote Bug: Tag Color Defaults to White

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Hello, I am an Evernote Premium user who recently started using Evernote again. I have Evernote syncing across 4 computers. I have the theme set to "White".

I have bold some tags with Black Font in Evernote, but every time I open Evernote on a different PC the Tags default to White color. Since I have a White theme background, I cannot see the tags till i go through each of them to change the color back to Black Font.

This is very annoying. Please fix this.

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I have the same problem. It only happened to bolded tags as well.

As a temporary fix you can rightclick all affected tags, select style and then select the color button and set it to black.

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Does this pertain to the Windows client only?

As best I can tell from reading the Evernote API (and maybe  an Evernoter like @dconnet can correct me if I'm wrong), tag styles are local to the machine, and not synced to the Evernote servers, and therefore styles on one machine are not available on other machines. In the Windows clients, the tag styles are pretty easy to find in the local database if you care to spelunk there, but I don't see anything in the API that would convey them to the Evernote servers.

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