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Filterng by word count

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Hi, is there a way to filter notes by word count?

I would like to find all the notes in my database with more than, say, 10.000 words.

This would be very useful, because as far as I know EN has still several issues with >10.000 words notes.



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No way of filtering by word count.

This is the first report I've heard that Evernote has "issues with >10.000 words", but my notes tend to  be short.

The only work around I can think of is sorting by note size on my Mac

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Hi DTLow, I am having issues with the Windows 10 version of EN: it frequently "freezes" for several seconds, making it nearly unusable. Yesterday I had a desktop sharing session with a Customer Support technician (thumbs up for EN Customer Support, really nice and caring people!) and he told me that. We killed a few "lenghty" note together, but today I've found more. Hence my question.

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