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Evernote top left hamburger menu animation lags and jerky!

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As I understand you don't answer on email (on Google Play app description). Okay I post it here. The Hamburger menu (top left) extremely lags at the opening on the tablet and on the smartphone, this awful lag, and in general the jerky, not smooth animation has dragged in Evernote a very long time, it's a pity. But the developers claim that Evernote - is their bread and main application blah blah blah, but the speed, smooth animation very very poor level... When press hamburger menu it's slides with huuuge lags... Fix please asap. 

Android 7.0 (Tab S2 T819 with Nougat) 

Android lollipop 5.0.2 (LGG2-D802) 

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