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(Archived) Use Case: Grocery Fliers

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I have a recurring task in RTM to check the online grocery fliers before doing my weekly shopping.

I am working from Windows client with latest beta and web clippers installed.

Decided to test Evernote to help with this task.

1)Made sure I had no notes in my default (unprocessed notes) notebook.

2)Created new note with current links to the online fliers I wanted to use. Basically a bookmark list.

3)Created new notebook Groceries

4)Created new tag Groceries

Now I started browsing the fliers.

When I find something of interest I:

1)Press PrintScreen to start Evernote screen grab

2)Select the relevant item. The note is automatically added when I finish the marque select.

When I have finished with a flier:

1)Go back to Evernote Windows client

2)Select default notebook

3)Ctrl-A select all notes

4)Merge notes

5)Rename merged note to show date and store, e.g. "100702-0708 My Store", Tag as "Groceries", Select "Groceries" from Notebook dropdown

Probably nothing special, but, I am relatively new to using Evernote and still trying out how to use it for my recurring tasks.

PS: I added this forum post to Evernote as well (of course), tags "Evernote, Groceries, Use Case". :(

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In a similar vein (shopping!), I do a similar thing when researching a purchase. I include screen caps & prices. When looking through reviews, I'll include any that may influence my decision. I also add any notes of my own such as "saw it in a brick & mortar store & it's not as nice looking as the photo." And in "Total Recall" fashion, I'll save all the notes after making my purchase. This way, if anyone asks me six months later why I chose one thing over another, I can refer to the notes.

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Few refinements after using for second time.

Best to add checkbox / notes after image.

-Click to right of image in note, Press Enter key, Press Ctrl-Shift-C to add checkbox, type note if needed.

EN will eventually make the text in the images searchable. Minimum of two sync cycles before search works, could be 1 - 2 days before text is generated for free accounts, faster for premium accounts.

Needed way to look at just current week's fliers.

-Created "Groceries This Week" Saved Search (Notebook:Groceries Created:Day-6).

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