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summary of 1 month experience using beta with premium plan



hello everyone,

so after using the beta desktop for windows here is the summary of my experience. 

I would like to begin with the two features that brought improvements to my workflow: 

1) ability to apply styles to tags. It's wonderful! I use it to tag papers I need to read, this function had helped me a lot.

2) link notes inside note with the internal link. Took me a while to find this feature, but I got there. 

Although I still miss some things that at first I would consider them to be intuitive and they are not working (maybe I am missing something, that's why I am writing this post, so someone can help me out).

1) dark theme. for example, like in android;

2) assign tags in line, using the "#" ;

3) if the notebook it's shared refer people inside a note with "@";

4) when a notebook its share with me doesn't get an icon like the notebook I am sharing does;

5) unless otherwise selected, forever auto-resize tables when the option match note width is first selected;

6) at least a default theme for the code block, so it's easy to read; 

7) export a table as .csv ;

To close this post, the little issues I found that may or may not be bugs:

1) when dragging pdfs to a note, not in a separated window I have to leave the note and open again to remove that pdf icon view with the flashing cursor fitting that size;

2) when I am typing the characters on screen are way slower than the speed I am typing. And I have the auto-savings set for 60s and no auto-sync. Could this be due to (not so obvious) connection issues?

Using Evernote was the best thing I could do to be more productive! Thank you Evernote team.





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