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Clipper - Notebook Selection Made More Useful




When you click the clipper icon: The Orgainze section: dropdown of the notebooks.    

You should add a option flag somewhere that would allow

1) sorted by name (as it seems to be now)  or

2) Sort by last used, or at least show the last X number used.    I know this is an option, but it requires yet another click to a page, and exit to change the default behavior... Why not make this easily accessible on the page itself.   

 It would be great if there were a button on that page , something like the "tag" button, that would "Last Notebook".  Often the research on a subject belongs to a common notebook, the syntax guessing is good, some of the time, but often it is out of sync w the actual work of the moment...  

If you really wanted to go crazy and make it even more useful

You could allow a selection of a Notebook Stack as a default set, and then have the dropdown be the notebooks within that stack.   If you really wanted to go crazy, you could have this be a dropdown of all the Stacks, including one option to clear so all the notebooks are shown more or less as it is now.    



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