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Request for Video (Recorded Webinar): Getting Started with Evernote (Android)



I was delighted to find "Evernote Webinars" today, because I had the time and opportunity today to shortcut the process of learning to use this app effectively.

However, I was equally disappointed shortly thereafter to discover that under the "Recorded Webinars" heading on that page,  there was only:

Evernote (Basic, Plus and Premium)

...but no Getting Started with Evernote (Android).

Is there any chance of producing and publishing such a Recorded Webinar (aka video)?

I hope so. Thanks.

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Hi.  If you search YouTube for 'Evernote Android' or some suitable combination there are something over 200,000 videos there.  Evernote tends to update things fairly frequently,  so you might like to add a filter from the top right of the screen to limit your searches to more recent uploads such as this month / this year.

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