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Turn Off Auto Bullets from "-"

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Hello- I've noticed everynote seems to have a nasty habit of turning all text that starts with "-" into an indented bullet point. This feels very much like MS Word's drive to make all formatting decisions for the user. This isn't horrible on a desktop (its not great either), but is really terrible on a mobile device since the indented bullets take up about 1/2 the screen.

Is there a way to turn this off on desktop or mobile devices? Its a huge annoyance.

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Dear Evernote Team,

please take this serious. There are a lot of complaints that the auto bulleting of “-“ cannot be turned off on iOs devices. I am a premium user and cannot bare it any second longer...

Please offer a setting for customization.


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If you download the newest version of Evernote for your iPhone, 8.17.1, you can turn this annoying auto-bullet feature off: Evernote > Account > Settings > Notes > Advanced Editing > turn List off. (Note that the Notes option under settings is not available in e.g. Evernote 8.7.1.)

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