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57 minutes ago, kdeemer said:

Is there any rhyme or reason for the sort order when selecting offline notebooks to sync?

Not sure what you mean.  When you first select a notebook to be offline or some other time?

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Got it.  I see the same random sort order.  I only have 5 on line notebooks, so no impact since they all fit on the screen.  But, they are in an apparently random order.  Out of interest are the notebooks sorted when you press the Notes icon?  They are alphabetical there for me.

Seems like a bug of to me, can't imagine what kind of feature random sorting would represent.

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3 hours ago, kdeemer said:

Here is a screenshot of what I mean. The notebooks are sorted in some random order. Even the Inbox is buried somewhere in the middle of the list.

Thanks, that makes it clear.   Same issue on my iPad

Just for fun, I created some test notebooks.  Every notebook appended to the list

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