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(Archived) Toolbar icon placement



Will the Evernote Safari plugin ever be fixed to not insert itself where it wants in the Safari toolbar? For so long now, I customize my toolbar - the next time Safari is opened, the Evernote iCon moves itself next to the URL input area, First icon to that left.

I don't want it there. This annoys me so much. I'm not going to use Evernote as of today on my Mac, iPhones and iPad until fixed

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In Safari 4, there was no supported way to put a button in the toolbar, so applications needed to come up with some undocumented hack. Our guess at the right hack works fine for 95% of people, but the button occasionally misbehaves for a few people.

Safari 5 apparently introduced an official way to add plug-ins, which should allow us to do this the right way in the future.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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