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Slack Integration Security


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I'm hoping that this is a silly question.

I'm excited about the integration with Slack and Evernote, but my question is how secure is it?

Meaning, my co-workers or co-worker/Slack admins can't access my personal Evernote even though I have connected my Slack account with my personal Evernote?

I love being able to save Slack "clips"/ my working discussions with my Evernote for record-keeping, but am worried about co-workers or others browsing my personal Evernote which, like I said, I connected to my work Slack.

Thanks for the help. I couldn't find any info online... I am sure that this connection would never be engineered this way, but thought I should ask.

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Hi.  See https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2017/10/23/3-ways-evernote-helps-harness-ideas-slack/

Don’t worry about accidentally sharing this information with the people in the Slack channel—until you decide to share the results, you are the only person who can see them. To share them in Slack, click “Post here” and everyone in the channel will be able to see the note. No archaeology degree required.

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