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Tab, Indenting a checkbox

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I've used Microsoft OneNote for the last 5 years as my primary project management system. While using Evernote as a capture tool. I've recently been migrating all my projects into Evernote, so my entire system is on one platform. One of the things that I ran across is how checkbox list function. Currently, in Evernote when you click on the tab button, it only indents the text and not the checkbox itself. OneNote would indent the checkbox on the text, making it appear as a sub-task. 

Would like to see that functionality arrive in Evernote soon. 


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Hi.  In the desktop product,  the 'increase indent' button does indent the checkbox too - although it's the same checkbox;  not a different shape or color;  so it's not obvious that there's a child task in there.  I tend to use Workflowy for anything majorly indent-related (although it doesn't do checkboxes at all) and maybe Word for other layout stuff.  I also us TickTick for tasks.  Evernote have never shown great interest in becoming significantly involved with project work - I'd doubt you'll see any changes in the near future...

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