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(Archived) Include URL when pasting from web page to Evernote



I must be missing something, because I can't believe Evernote is really this dumb: when I select some text on a web page and then "Paste to Evernote" with the menulet, the text gets copied but the page's URL doesn't. I have to manually go back to the web page in my browser, copy the URL, and paste it into the source link field in the new note that was created.

What's the deal? Is there some technical limitation preventing this?

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I don't use the Evernote Menu Bar icon much, but I do know that their browser extensions (they exist for Safari, Firefox, Chrome as far as I know) automatically grab the URL.

I recommend using the extension for your browser.

You can find the Safari and Firefox clippers in Evernote Preferences, while you can find the Chrome extension here: (ps Evernote guys, you should really add a link to the extension in the app itself).


I hope this helps!

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